Book of the Month: Riveting Reader Reviews | February 2017

Book of the Month| February 2017

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close


When considering our reading selection for the month of February, Girls in White Dresses certainly seems appropriate for this time of year. Between the dwindling final episodes of The Bachelor and the recent celebration of Valentine’s Day, love and marriage are becoming relevant topics of discussion.

However, our excitement to read this novel doesn’t stem from the mention of these topics. Instead, we are intrigued by the alternate perspective it presents regarding marriage (in a way which is very relatable to many twenty-somethings out there).

A Simple Synopsis:

Girls in White Dresses is primarily about three women, in the height of their adulthood, are surrounded by couples experiencing engagements, marriages, and seem to have a general understanding of life. Conversely, these women struggle to obtain or achieve those glorified aspects of life.

Our Initial Impression:

We are at a point in our lives where it seems everyone is getting married and settling down. Everyone has it all figured out and we just don’t feel like we’re there yet. It’s hard to go a day on social media without an engagement announcement of some sort (we mean no offense to anyone engaged or married…we are truly happy you have found happiness). It makes us wonder, are we behind? Is there something wrong with us because we aren’t running down the aisle? It’s exciting to finally find a novel that seems to understand our struggle. 

Have you read this book? Can you relate to the conversation of this post? Comment below with your thoughts on this topic! 

8 Fun-Filled Ways to Spend Galentine’s Day

Ahhh Galentine’s Day,

One of our favorite holidays to celebrate is finally here! No, not to be mistaken for Valentine’s Day.

One might ask…what is Galentine’s Day exactly? The answer is a day to acknowledge those who stand by your side through thick and thin. Those who strongly support you through the unanticipated struggles of life while simultaneously encouraging you to spend $100 on another pair of shoes you probably don’t need (treat yo self). They are those special people in your life who often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

To celebrate those individuals, here are a couple of our ways we celebrate Galentine’s Day:

  1. Dinner. Go out with your favorites. Get dressed up and make reservations for a nice restaurant. There is a misconception that those fancy dinners are only for couples on February 14th. Break the stigma. Celebrate with dessert and a margarita.
  2.  Host a movie night. Whether it’s Red Box or Netflix, pick a romantic comedy movie that will make you laugh (or, my personal favorite, that will allow you to judge the ridiculousness of its perfect plot line). Don’t forget snacks and wine. Lots of wine.
  3. Get your nails done. While others are splurging on jewelry and flowers, you can splurge on a much needed manicure (which will last longer than those roses, by the way). A mani/pedi session is the perfect way to spend quality time together while getting pampered.
  4. Bake a treat together. Preferably something that contains chocolate. Check out some of these sweet ideas from Pinterest if you are having difficulty coming up with ideas.
  5. Go shopping. As we mentioned before, friends are the best to shop with. Now go out and buy something frivolous!
  6. Tour a chocolate factory. T’is the season to indulge in all the chocolates.
  7. Try a paint night. These events are really popular right now and so much fun! Research places in your community that host these events and get a group of friends to sign up with you. You may find deals on Groupon. Ps. Wine is usually included!!
  8. Celebrate Leslie Knope style! She is the one who created the holiday in the first place. If you’re a fan of Parks and Rec, you will get this reference. Basically, you only have to do two things. Brunch and exchange gifts. (Waffles are a must.)

Do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below if you do and how you and your friends like to celebrate!



Book of the Month: January 2017 Review

Our Overview…

Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? was the perfect, restorative reading selection for the wintry weather of January. Her book’s content can be categorized into two different tones: personal and professional. Her words of wisdom provide an honest interpretation of the inner workings within a 20-something’s brain. You know, articulating all those thoughts that overwhelm our minds, but we are never willing to express:

-The absurd nature of beauty routines

-The costly obligation of weddings

-The ardent desire to establish an authentic identity while obtaining peer approval

Additionally, Mindy provides a glance through the unique lens of a female writer competing for a spot on the Hollywood stage. She openly offers candid commentary on the criticisms she has received throughout her journey, but also acknowledges how she has embraced these aspects to achieve her own personal aspirations.

Our Opinions…

Why Not Me? was the perfect choice to kick off our reading list for 2017. Once we got our hands on this book, we couldn’t put it down. Mindy provides a comical perspective on struggles we can all relate to as well as her glamorous life in the Hollywood spotlight. The best thing about Mindy is that she doesn’t take being famous too seriously. Even though she struggles with normal things like considering a weight loss trick that requires no effort what-so-ever, she is an advocate for a body-positive perspective and she makes a point to not let the media decide what she should look like.

Being big fans of Mindy, we found it exciting to read about each aspect of her life and also get a behind the scenes look at some of her best work. She describes what it was like to work on The Office and how The Mindy Project was created.

While her approach to sharing her life is comedic, her book will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to accomplish your dreams.

If you haven’t read Why Not Me? or her other book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), you will want to go to your nearest bookstore and get yourself a copy!



Did you read along with us this month? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!