Book of the Month: Girls in White Dresses Review

Our Overview…

We stumbled upon Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close as we were searching through Pinterest, for the perfect novel to dive into.

We were immediately intrigued by the title and we wanted to learn more. The brief description we read was short and simple but it captured our attention. Girls in White Dresses is a novel following three women in their 20’s, struggling in many aspects of their lives while everyone else seemed to have it all together. 

Our Opinions…

Girls in White Dresses was admittedly entertaining. While it was a quick read, it is a story that we instantly connected with. 

We found ourselves identifying with a lot of the characters and their experiences. It was fun to see how some of the characters actually represented a lot of people in our own lives as well. 

We felt that the book accurately defines what it’s like to date as a twenty-something in today’s society. It also accurately describes the struggles of being unmarried while it seems that all of your friends are walking down the aisle. 

Overall, we would recommend this book. We had fun reading it and we hope you enjoy it as well! It would be perfect to bring on your summer vacation! 

Have you read Girls in White Dresses? If so, let us know in the comments what you thought! 

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any books that we write about. We are not professional reviewers, we just like to share our favorite places and things with anyone willing to listen. 

Fox in the Snow Cafe

With the heat of the summer upon us…

We are convinced that there is no better way to cool down than to visit Fox in the Snow Cafe. While we have previously visited this quaint coffee house, we thought their delectable pastries and unique (almost conservatory-inspired) aesthetic was worthy of mention.

Upon our arrival at Fox in the Snow Cafe, we were amazed (but not completely surprised) at the abundance of eager coffee enthusiasts trailing from the glass-paneled doors. Our suggestion to combat the craziness? The earlier you venture out for your morning cappuccino, the better!

However, despite the lingering lines, the pastry and alluring latte did not disappoint. Even though Fox in the Snow Cafe is bustling with business, they certain accommodate for it with plenty of additional seating (inside and out). As we sat outside, enjoying the crisp breeze, we couldn’t help, but notice how the cafe invokes a soothing (yet energetic) atmosphere.

If you’re looking for artisan-inspired pastries while strolling around Columbus, we recommend making a quick stop at Fox in the Snow!


1031 North 4th Street

Columbus, OH 43201

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any place that we write about. We are not professional reviewers, we just like to share our favorite places and things with anyone willing to listen. 

          Danielle’s Blueberry Scone & Latte
Lindsay’s Recommendation? The Cinnamon Roll.
Danielle enjoying a blissful moment with her latte.