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Stauf’s Coffee Roasters- German Village

“Happiness is sipping coffee while watching the rain”-Anonymous

While the dreary, cold Saturday morning atmosphere discouraged the usual lively coffee crowd on the streets of German Village, we could not be deterred from our arabica adventures by a little weather. After snagging the perfect parallel spot outside Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, we hurried inside with the excitement of a new brew. Upon entry to this characteristically, cool coffee shop, we briefly admired its aesthetic before exploring the menu.

As coffee lovers that appreciate a little bit of sweetness with our caffeine, we were pleased to see that Stauf’s offers not only flavored lattes, but creative, candy-inspired concoctions. Danielle ordered a Milky Way latte (consisting of chocolate and caramel) while I ordered an Almond Joy latte laced with almond, coconut, and chocolate. Both items are spectacular and highly recommended.

Hours ticked away as we sat in a quiet nook of the coffee shop, enjoying our lattes and life. Then, inspired by the rain and an overwhelming state of sleepiness, Danielle suggested something we have yet to do on a coffee shop spotlight… order another cup of coffee. We opted for a small drip of the light roast sans creamer. Enjoying the pleasant aroma and exquisite taste of the coffee,we realized the addition of other ingredients would have diminished the quality our drinks. Despite the sunless sky, a Saturday morning trip to Stauf’s Coffee Roasters certainly brightened our day.


627 S 3rd Street

Columbus, OH 43206

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The outside of Stauf’s is beautiful. We spotted many precious dogs being walked by with their owners as we sipped our delicious lattes.


Our lattes before we enjoyed them!


The menu and an array of assorted pastries.


Enjoying our cups of light roast as we explored downtown Columbus in the rain.


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    1. It was so good, Patricia! Oh that’s so cool! If you’re ever around German Village, definitely give STAUF’s a try! 🙂

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