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“If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live.” -Tommy Wiseau


Our Overview…

If you read our introductory post to August’s Book of the Month, you already know we chose The Disaster Artist. When we discovered that Greg Sistero wrote a book about his experience working on The Room, we knew we had to read it. The Room is notorious for being the worst movie ever created. Naturally, while watching it, we had a lot of questions. Our hope in reading The Disaster Artist was to gain some clarity on one of the most confusing movies we’ve ever witnessed.

Our Opinion…

We will be honest with you. This book isn’t for everyone. If you don’t find The Room entertaining in any way (or have never heard of it), you probably won’t be very intrigued in the story behind the madness. However, we really enjoyed reading The Disaster Artist. We were very curious how this movie came to be and The Disaster Artist gave in-depth insight in the film production process (and several anecdotal details about the life of Tommy Wiseau).

We learned a lot about the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, including an explanation of his acting journey and how he was able to transform his impossible script into the beloved movie we know today. According to Sistero’s account, Wiseau was very difficult to work with (his directions riddled with outlandish demands), which caused a lot of turn over with the cast and crew.

The filming process could be described as unorthodox at best. As a result, the film took longer to shoot and cost more than it should have (considering the sub-par final product). Would you believe this movie cost over $6M to create?! Nonetheless, you have to applaud Wiseau for committing to the cinematic vision he created for The Room (even if the movie was terrible). He knew what he wanted and he insisted it be completed his way.

At its core, this book could be considered inspiring. It has a way of convincing the reader that anything is possible if they keep working at it. Before Sistero met Wiseau, he was determined to give up on acting for good. His disappointment stemmed from struggling to find work and not having the support to continue with his aspirations. Wiseau encouraged him to keep going and eventually offered him work on The Room. Tommy Wiseau created a disastrous film, leaving everyone to question its success. Now, The Room has a cult following committed (to this day) to fill movie theater seats across America, watching Wiseau’s cringe-worthy masterpiece.

Did you read along with us last month? What are your thoughts on The Disaster Artist? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. In spite of the inviting introduction (“If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live.” -Tommy Wiseau), you might not have convinced me that this book is for me. But then again there are so many books out there, we each need to find our book mate 🙂

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