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Columbus Coffeefest 2017 | Review

But first…

Last year, Columbus Underground hosted the first annual Columbus Coffeefest. Being the coffee enthusiasts we are, we bought our tickets and eagerly attended the event. This particular event is what inspired us to expand our horizons beyond the well-known coffee chains and try the local coffee-shops in our area. Columbus is overflowing with sensational local coffee spots, each very different from the last.

This year the second annual Columbus Coffeefest was held on October 1st. The event was scheduled a little earlier this year (which was greatly appreciated, because it wasn’t as cold as last year) at the Ohio History Connection. We attended the early slot time from 11 AM- 2 PM, although we got in at 10 AM because we chose to spend a little more for the early bird ticket (highly recommended). This event is already very popular, so getting in an hour before the main crowds was definitely worth it!

After our tickets were scanned to enter the event, we were given our complimentary coffee mugs and a map, and we were on our way! We took our time at each vendor learning about their special roast, taking in the different flavors each coffee had to offer, and enjoyed pastries along the way. We were already familiar with several of the roasters who appeared at Columbus Coffeefest 2016 as well as some we had visited within the last year. We decided this year that we would first sample the roasters we had not previously tried and then, stop by the more familiar roasters at the end.

We sampled many great coffees throughout the morning and found many new favorites. By the time the clock struck 2 PM, we were highly caffeinated and completely satisfied. This event is, by far, our favorite Columbus Underground event and we highly recommend you attend in the future if you get the chance. While we still love popular coffee chains, we also find it extremely important to support quality local coffee shops. We encourage you to try something new and see what these unique, community favorites have to offer!

A final glance at our experience.

Jennings Java displayed their whole beans ranging from their very lightest to their darkest roast.


Just two best friends enjoying a mass amount of Columbus’ best coffee.


Don’t these doughnuts from Tepelos Doughnuts look delicious?!


Lindsay found a cozy spot to relax and sip her coffee.


Danielle excitedly making her rounds to each roaster!


Last, but certainly not least, our favorite of the day: Off The Beaten Path Coffee served a delicious Bourbon Pecan Cold Brew. It was unlike anything else we tasted that day and it was amazing!

Does your city host events like this? Tell us about it in the comments below!