Capturing Columbus

Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart-Brewery District

But first, coffee.

Or, we should probably say our first coffee post of the year. We’re kicking off our 2018  Coffeeshop Spotlight with Das Kaffeehaus von Frau Burkhart. Despite being concealed among the beautiful brick structures of Columbus’s Brewery District, Das Kaffeehaus is certainly a hidden gem worth discovering.

We were first introduced to distinctive Das Kaffeehaus von Frau Burkhart in 2016 while attending the Columbus Coffeefest. At an event with dozens of coffee vendors, it can be difficult to distinguish one cup of coffee from the next. Yet, this particular vendor certainly differentiated itself from the rest (and we knew it would be a coffee experience unlike any other).

We shuffled our way into the “American House Hotel” (at the Ohio History Connection’s Ohio Village) to escape the frigid cold. We were immediately greeted by the sounds of vivid German music and we began questioning if we had stumbled into the wrong building. However, little did we know, we were about to undergo our first authentic German coffee experience. The owner, Joe Contino, warmly welcomed us with an enticing cup of coffee and the unique origin story behind Das Kaffeehaus von Frau Burkhart.

He and his wife, Amy, met while serving in the military, spending a significant amount of time in Germany. While they were there, they were inspired by the various coffee and pastries. Thankfully, they decided to bring some these delicious blends and recipes back to the States (and more specifically, Columbus).

One sip of Das Kaffeehaus coffee instantly explains their inspiration. It is perhaps the only coffee we have ever tried that does not have an aftertaste. The mystifying concoction is smooth without the bitter undertones that occasionally accompany coffee. We both love coffee with a little sweetness added to our morning brew, but honestly, their coffee doesn’t need it.

Our experience with Das Kaffeehaus von Frau Burkhart at the Columbus Coffeefest was enough to persuade us to visit their shop. As we wandered in, we noticed they share their building with Columbus’ alternative radio station 102.5. While ordering our delightful drinks, we noticed a stage, which we assume the radio station occasionally uses for special events (how cool to be sipping on some delicious coffee while listening to a live acoustic performance?!). We each ordered a cup of light roast and an apple strudel pastry to share. If you are looking for a calm coffeeshop without the bustling, busy atmosphere, Das Kaffeehaus is the perfect place. Our time at Das Kauffeehaus von Frau Burkhart was time well spent!


1036 S. Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43206

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