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Welcome to The Effortless Aesthetic blog!

A little about us…

We are two, caffeine-motivated women living in the vibrant city of Columbus, Ohio. The idea to develop our blog came from an attempt to combat the typical twenty-something struggle: a large serving of adulthood with a side of monotony. Amid the looming stack of utility bills, student loans, and other daunting responsibilities, we aspire for our blog to be a gleaming ray of hope for other suffering twenty-somethings out there.

If we haven’t deterred you with our dose of reality, here’s a little bit of what our blog is all about…

Our concept of an “effortless aesthetic” is a forum in which we write about the simplicity of little things we enjoy in life. These include:

Book of the Month: Riveting Reader Review

Capturing Columbus

Health & Beauty

The Helpful How-To

While we are new to the world (wide web)* of blogging, we are excited to see where this adventure takes us. We are still working on our approach to these topics (we openly admit we are amateur bloggers), so we hope you’ll stick around and see what we become!
Lindsay & Danielle

*Our apologizes in advance for the poorly-attempted internet humor…plz read anyway.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email: danielleandlindsay@theeffortlessaesthetic.com


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